.Net Framework 
 .NET Programming Framework
 .NET Languages
 VB.NET Versus VBScript
 Common Language Runtime
 .NET Class Library
 VB.NET and C#, some common differences
 Introduction to Visual Studio 2005
Writing Simple program using Visual Studio 2005 and using basic concepts (VB.NET and C#)
 Hello, World
 Compiling, Running
 Program Structure
 More about Classes
 Control Structures
 Data Types
 Integer Data Types

  Floating Point Data Types
 Implicit Conversions
 Explicit Conversions
 Boolean Data Type
 Uninitialized Variables
 Nullable Types
 Reference Types
 Copying Strings
 StringBuilder Class
 Classes and Structs
 Static and Instance Methods
 Method Parameters
 Classes with All Static Methods
 Parameter Passing
 Parameter Terminology
 Value Parameters
 Reference Parameters
 Method Overloading
 Variable Length Parameter Lists
 One-Dimensional Arrays
 Boxing and Unboxing

  Checked Integer Arithmetic
 Throwing New Exceptions
Object-Oriented Programming in .NET
 Object-Oriented Features
 Encapsulation and Accessors
 Using a Property
 Static Members
 Static in Main
 Derived Class
 Overriding a Virtual Function
 Abstract Classes
 Keyword: abstract
 Derived Class
 Sealed Classes
 Access Control and Assemblies
 Internal Accessibility
 Class Libraries
Programming with Interfaces and Collections
 Interfaces in .NET
 Interface Inheritance
 Programming with Interfaces
 Implementing Interfaces

  Using an Interface
 ArrayList Methods
 IEnumerable and IEnumerator
 Using Enumerators
 Collections of User-Defined Objects
 Deep Copy and ICloneable
.NET Programming Model
 Garbage Collection
 Finalize Method
 Destructor Notation
 Finalize/Dispose Test Program
 Simple Thread based Program
 Asynchronous Calls
Database Programming using ADO.NET
 ADO.NET Architecture
 .NET Data Providers
 Programming with ADO.NET Interfaces
 .NET Namespaces
 Connected Data Access
 ADO.NET Class Libraries

  Connecting to an OLE DB Data Provider
 Using Commands
 Creating a Command Object
 Using a Data Reader
 Disconnected Datasets
 Data Adapters
 Command Builder
 Main Program
 Creating a Data Adapter and Generating Commands
 Filling the Dataset
 Displaying the Data Set
 Adding a Row to the Data Set
 Deleting a Row
 Changing a Row
 Updating the Database
 Data Bound Controls
 DataGridView Control
 Performing a Query
 Creating a Dataset Manually
 Manual DataSet Code
 Using XML Data
 XML Schema and Data
 Using XML with a DataSet
Web Application Fundamentals
 Creating a Virtual Directory
 From ASP to ASP.NET