2.       Why should I read this publication?
3.       PREPARE—Understanding Financial Aid
4.       and Your Loan Options  
5.       How much does college cost?
6.       Table 1. Description of college costs by selected expenditure items
7.       What inancial resources are there?
8.       What is the federal government’s role in inancial aid?
9.       Why should I consider a loan from the federal government?
10.   What about grants and work-study from the federal government?
11.   What types of federal student loans are there and how much can I borrow?
12.   Table 2. Federal student loan programs for the 2011–12 award year
13.   Table 3. Comparison of subsidized vs. unsubsidized loans: interest rates, interest accrual and payment, and capitalization
14.   Table 4. Annual and aggregate loan limits for Direct Staford Loans
15.   Can I get an estimate on how much aid I will get?
16.   Do all schools participate in the federal loan programs?
17.   How are federal student loans different from private loans?
18.   Table 5. Federal student loans vs. private loans
19.   Table 6. Sources of inancial aid
20.   Plan ahead and graduate with less debt
21.   Always consider what you’ll have to repay and keep track of
22.   how much you’re borrowing
23.   Manage your money and change your spending habits
24.   APPLY—Learn How to Apply for Aid
25.   Who can get federal student aid?
26.   How do I apply for federal student aid?
27.   When should I complete the FAFSA
28.   What information do I need?
29.   How can I get help completing the FAFSA?
30.   What if I can’t complete the FAFSA online?.
31.   What about loans?
32.   Is our income too high to qualify for aid?
33.   How do I apply for state and school aid?
34.   I submitted my FAFSASM—what happens next?