THE ULTIMATE MARRIAGE VOW - free dowload pdf file


Day 1: To Be a Constant Friend and Companion
Day 2: A Cup Half Full of Grace
Day 3: Make His Priorities Important to You
Day 4: To Seek the Will of the Lord
Day 5: To Give Up My Need to Be Right
Day 6: To Honor You as the Head of Our Home
Day 7: I Will Love You with a Pure Heart
Day 8: To Speak Well of You in Front of Others
Day 9: To Protect Your Reputation
Day 10: To Love You
Day 11:  To Listen in the Best Way I Know How
Day 12 To Walk Through This Life With You
Day 13: To Be a Woman of Strength
Day 14:  To Guard the Castle from Harm
Day 15: To Celebrate Your Strengths, Trusting God With Your Life
Day 16: To Love You Without Expectation, Planting My Days With Hope
Day 17 To Seek an Understanding of and Embrace Our Differences
Day 18: To Lovingly Bear With You
Day 19: To Be True to Our Life-Long Commitment
Day 20 To Uphold Our Marriage in Prayer
Day 21 To Show You Honor and Respect